ClickFunnels – More Than Just A Landing Page Builder to Help Your Online Business Make Real Profits


Making your business successful can always be a daunting task especially when you don’t have enough background in establishing your online presence. Given that more people nowadays rely on the internet to connect not only with friends and family but also businesses, you shouldn’t allow your business to be left behind.

If you’ve heard about internet marketing and aren’t familiar with ClickFunnels, then you might be missing something really important for your business. As the competition online gets tougher, I was really worried about how I can build my online presence and possibly make it big in the online world.

For someone who is not completely knowledgeable about the technical aspects of creating a website and establishing a solid marketing process, I searched for a solution that covers all the important aspects and offers them in one package. This is where discovered ClickFunnels. Ever since I used the software, everything seemed simpler and easier. I never imagined that handling an online business could be easy with the help of this software. Now, I am excited to share my experience in using ClickFunnels and how it helped my business make profits and grow in the industry.

Why Create Your Business’ Sales Funnel

Before anything else, it is necessary that you get to know why you should create your business’ sales funnels. You should understand its importance in maximizing your business’ profits.

The main reason why creating a sales funnel in a business is important is that as soon as a visitor enters the funnel, you’ll have that visitor for life. This is because one of the first steps in having a good funnel is you can collect the email address of a visitor. Their email address is the main key in pre-selling your target leads about the services or products that you are offering.

As what Russell recommends, it is best that you create a so-called soap opera sequence that will establish your lead’s trust. In the long run, your leads get more interested and convinced to take their wallets and finally buy your products or services.

After the pre-sell, you can then proceed to send the leads to a special sales page. The page is designed to encourage and convince leads to buy. A sales page usually has an attention-grabbing headline, related video or images, and simple and concise bullet points unfolding the pros of your product or service. With all of these combined, the visitor will undoubtedly feel excited and eventually, you’ll successfully close a sale.

As your customers enter their credit card details as well as their purchase, you can present them one of your OTOs or One Time Offers, downsells, and upsells. These are known as back-end sales and these maximize your profits from every customer. It is what will make your business grow and boom in your specific industry.

By simply increasing your business’ profit margins through additional backend products, you can effortlessly outspend competitors and get more people in the sales funnel you created. Getting more visitors means you can also make more money. This requires you to make an effort in going through every step to get results.

Now, not everyone has the technical know-how to do every step in creating your sales funnel. This is where ClickFunnels enters. You can easily create your business’ sales funnel while reducing the risks of spending more time and money on the technical stuff.

Overview of What ClickFunnels Is

ClickFunnels is the most talked about online software that allows you to create sales and marketing funnel easily as it has all important elements of an effective and functional sales funnel.

What makes this more interesting is the fact that whatever your business is, you can find a special funnel that’ll work properly for you. There are a lot of reasons why countless businesses are using and recommending the software. Traditionally, online funneling is dealing with landing pages, website hosting, email autoresponders and other important aspects of a website and making sure they all work as one.

With these said, the traditional method requires hard work, lots of time, and more money. The software, on the other hand, covers all of these issues and provides a simple and effective solution to putting your business online.

Russell Brunson is the man behind ClickFunnels. It was founded in 2014 and since it was launched, it turned into a multi-million SaaS self-funded business. Being a knowledgeable internet marketer, he has already established his online presence. In the beginning, he focused on selling the software through webinars and countless email marketing. As of today, the tool is considered as among the fastest growing solutions when it comes to landing page building. It is now touted to be among the best options when it comes to building not only landing pages but also membership groups.

I’m sure you’ve been waiting to know whether I’d recommend buying the ClickFunnels Membership. Well, it’s a YES. You should go for it, but remember that you have to know your business’ goals first to learn which funnel will work best for you.

How ClickFunnels Helps a Business Pick the Right Funnel

Most business owners wouldn’t know how they can utilize a funnel for their business. If you aren’t connected with someone knowledgeable about sales funnel, you’ll probably end up creating and using the wrong type of funnel. Most likely, you won’t get the results that you want and waste your time and money.

One way to easily tell what type of funnel to choose is determining the goal of your business. As you get this software, you can expect that there is a specific funnel made for that. If you want to run a webinar, generate leads, send emails, or sell products, you can choose from various funnels that you can choose from.

The things you need for marketing, selling, to delivering services or products are all offered in the software. Instead of getting all your sales and marketing stuff from different sources and platforms, this tool answers all your business’ digital marketing requirements. Some of the solutions you’ll get from the tool are:

1. Page Editor and Funnel Builder – This resolves all your coding and shopping cart worries.

2. Pypeline – Do you have a problem with your outdated CRM? This solution caters to your needs.

3. Actionetics – Stressed about your marketing automation and messenger and email marketing? The tool has a solution for that.

4. BackPack – Wondering how you can maximize your affiliate marketing efforts and what to replace your current affiliate software? The BackPack is the tool’s solution for you.

5. Wasabi – Looking for new membership site software? Wasabi is the solution you can use from the tool.

You’ll have everything that you need for your funnel and generate leads that can convert into sales in no time. It’s the best software for those are getting tired of spending lots of money on web development and design teams and wait months to get results. With this tool, you can create a landing page even within a day. So, it’s definitely worth trying.

Understanding How ClickFunnels Works

Basically, ClickFunnels is a landing page builder. However, what makes it different from other solutions is that it is easy to use and simple to understand. It is true that it has some drawbacks, but I believe that even the most popular landing page builder or funnel software online has its flaws.

All it takes is for you to get to know these flaws and get to know how you can make the most out of the software that you got for building your online business. This will help you avoid compromising the benefits you’d get from the software.

Considering all of the features as well as all the benefits that I got from using ClickFunnels, I know that you’ll find this as an amazing tool just like what I did. It is best used for building a sales funnel that comes with downsell and upsell functionality and as mentioned, membership groups and landing pages. Other significant features that’ll impress you with this software are the following:

Pre-made templates included

The more exciting part is that these templates are customizable. This means that you get to make whatever changes you want on the templates depending on what you think fits your business.

The software seamlessly integrates with different payment processors such as PayPal and Stripe.

This allows you to receive online payments from the services or products you offer. You can also insert custom codes in any given page that makes the landing page more customizable. Add other options for checkout for customers and provide various price points as well as pricing options.

Provides various opportunities to earn online

Similar to other software and tools, ClickFunnels also provides opportunities for you to earn online in various ways. To reap the benefits of using this tool, make sure that you also put in a lot of effort and work. Though the tool promises a lot of benefits, always remember that it is not a rich-quick solution that’ll make you rich overnight.

It will help you in reaching out to your target customers and selling more products. You can even experience how ClickFunnels works by simply getting their free trial. With this in mind, there is nothing that you should really worry about! You get to try the software and decide whether it fits your business or not. It is one way of ensuring that you’re about to make the right decision of using the software as you gear up in starting and growing your online presence.

Exploring the Features of ClickFunnels

Using the tool, there are a lot of cool features that I love. These features are great for anyone who wants to finally make more profit as they enter the online world. I figured out that you need to be more familiar with your business and know what path you want your business to take to get more leads and customers. So, to get started, the following are some of the cool features that I love and I’m sure, you’ll love them too.

1. Various Blueprints of Funnel Templates

This is the best feature that I know everyone who hasn’t created sales funnels before will love. Russell identified different sales funnels he used in his business successfully. It only means that you can actually get results from whatever type of funnels you choose since it has been tried and tested by the founder himself.

Basically, the funnel types are divided into 3 categories namely Sales Page Funnels, Event Funnels, and Lead Capture Funnels. Other special funnels include Membership Funnels that you can choose if it is suitable for your business. There are also simple funnels such as the Squeeze Page Funnel that collects the email addresses of visitors and will redirect them to your page’s Thank You page upon signing up.

For those searching a more sophisticated type of sales funnel, there are options such as 2-Step TripWire Funnel. This specific funnel will let you sell your tripwire or front-end low ticket product and upsell visitors to more expensive items with the use of One-Click Downsells or Upsells and Order Form Bumps.

Every funnel type includes a set of paid and free templates. This means that if you have little to no knowledge about web design, you can still use a funnel page with a professional and consistent design. To give you a quick overview of creating your very first funnel, check out the following:

  • Pick a funnel type
  • Choose a template
  • Modify every page accordingly to make it suitable for your business
  • Add products and make sure that you’ve set up your business email as well as your payment integrations
  • Pick and set the domain name of the new funnel
  • Save it

Right after you save the changes, the sales funnel that you created is now up and running. You can then send traffic to the funnel.

2. Wide Variety of Page Elements

Widgets or elements are crucial in expanding your options in designing specific pages and ClickFunnels provides various ways to use them. Headline, text, image, button, video, and input forms are some of the basic widgets that are essential in every landing page. Other advanced elements include:

  • Surveys
  • SMS signups
  • Progress Bars
  • Pricing Tables
  • FAQ Blocks
  • Facebook Comments
  • Custom HTML
  • Countdown Timers

There are also specialized elements such as shipping and order form elements if your site has order pages. If your website has membership pages, you can use the membership elements that are ready to be customized. You can create courses, sell it, and create memberships for the course without the need to use another platform or software.

Every element is made to be modified easily on the editor sidebar. You can pretty much change basic properties such as margins, background colors, alignment, and fonts as the basic properties. Just like my experience, I was able to personalize the pages just the way I expect them to be without the need to outsource the service of a technical expert. ClickFunnels made it possible for me to make the pages user-friendly and easy to manage.

3. Great Visual Editor with Drag and Drop Attribute

Aside from the amazing start point in using ClickFunnels with its funnel options and templates, it also comes with a visual editor that allows you to customize your funnel and make it look like what you imagined. The pages have an incredible layout with sections where you can put any number of columns or rows. Once you’ve added the contents for every page and feels like you need to make changes with the placement of certain items, you can simply drag and drop the elements till you get the look you want for each page.

Though this feature is not really flexible like other landing page editor (if ever you’ve used one), it’s basic editing features is still great as you can pretty much adjust anything to achieve the design you want. I love this feature simply because it allows a seamless editing process of selecting and moving components anywhere I like. You can edit the text elements inline and customize the properties of any elements on the sidebar. What I like the most about this feature is the fact that everything is simply organized in the most logical way. With other editors, you might end up getting confused with all the elements and how you can make changes. However, with this one, I saved most of my time in finding what I’d like to change in just a few clicks.

You can forget about your worries regarding learning the CSS or HTML since no coding is needed. No technical stuff is required here. Everything is simplified to ensure you can create the funnel in a short period of time.

4. Funnels are Shareable to Clients and Friends

Another feature that makes ClickFunnels more exciting and profitable to use is that you can share it with clients and friends. Whatever funnel you choose, there will be a Share Funnel URL on the settings tab that you can send to anyone. Whenever the URL is visited, your funnel will be automatically added to their account if ever they are also a member of ClickFunnels.

In case they are not yet a member, they can choose the free trial of the software and then add your funnel to their newly made account. This URL can act as an affiliate link. By simply sharing the link and your friend or client stay as a member, you get recurring commissions. With this, you can expect your account to generate a certain amount of money.

For more ways to make extra money from this feature, you can act as a consultant in using the tool. You can also create sales funnels for specific niches and sell them to small businesses under the same niche. Another way is selling these funnels to the ClickFunnels marketplace and let other users buy it. The funnels you make can also turn into lead magnets in various niches. You can use it to offer something that your readers can use and this will effortlessly let your readers get into your funnel. There are endless opportunities to earn from this tool. As a matter of fact, there are countless people, including me, who are earning with ClickFunnels just by making the most of this specific feature of sharing funnels.

5. Impressive Backpack Feature

A unique feature that I personally love about this software is the backpack and I believe that this is among the many reasons why it standouts out from other solutions in creating sales funnel. This is a feature that many affiliate marketers will love as it offers an easier platform to handle when it comes to affiliate marketing management. This platform gives you the ease of monitoring your network. Traditionally, you might end up spending lots of money on advertising and copywriting to offer your service or product.

On the other hand, ClickFunnels allows you to set up your very own system for affiliate marketing. Given that process requires you to pay commission for each service or product sold, tracking the sales can be a bit tricky. However, the tool makes it easier on your part by using the BackPack feature. Aside from helping you set up your program, it will simply integrate with your email automation as well as your funnel. It’s a feature that let you save marketing budget while promoting services and products effectively.

Included in the BackPack feature is ClickFunnels Actionetics. You can simply integrate email marketing programs or you can just use Actionetics. It is the software’s email marketing tool and a smart solution when creating and sending automated emails. This can also act and react depending on the actions done within your funnels. Aside from emails, it can also be used for sending SMS as it is Twilio integrated.

This means that your business can improve its way of communicating with your target customers in different ways possible. In turn, you get to save more money from using 3rd party services to reach out to customers as you can concentrate on using one. A few clicks will allow you to import contacts seamlessly and use autoresponders right after setting them up. You can use the email templates that are ready to use or you can personalize an email when sending to particular recipients for specific reasons.

6. Amazing On-Boarding Procedure

Getting to know what the software can do might leave you feeling overwhelmed. There are some who might feel like using the tool can be a bit daunting. However, you shouldn’t really worry. Believe me, I had the same impression, but everything flowed easily because of the on-boarding procedure included in the software.

Signing up, a 7-day challenge will be presented to you. This challenge includes 4 games where you have to complete several steps. With each step, a video clip and a task are featured. The video clip shows Russell telling you what must be done to finish the task. The games start with going through the entire procedure of building a Hero Funnel. It will then continue with the 2nd and 3rd games where the Funnel Cookbook, as well as the Funnel University, is introduced. Lastly, the 4th game has a Launch Checklist where you’ll get to know the things that you must accomplish before the funnel you created goes live.

Though it is optional to take the entire procedure, there are perks that you can get aside from familiarizing the entire process of creating a funnel. One of which is you can win an official ClickFunnels shirt and a few stickers. It’s great that you can win something. After all, you played the games, right? In my opinion, the on-boarding procedure is really amazing since it is not your typical boring tutorial video on learning how to utilize ClickFunnels.

You’ll get to know the value and philosophy behind using it for the benefit of your business. For someone who’s not really familiar with using the tool or is new to using such software, I recommend you to complete the process after signing up. It’s a fun and more educational way of familiarizing yourself in using the software. As you reach the last game, you’d feel surprised that you actually reached the last phase easily before going live.

Why I Love the Features Mentioned Above

You might ask if there are other features besides the ones I mentioned above. Well, there are more things you’d discover as you try the software. The reason I mentioned the ones above is that I personally love them and I find them really valuable as they helped me in getting used to how ClickFunnels works.

With understanding every feature and making the most out of the software, you can also get the same results as I did and convert leads and prospects into sales. Given that it is packed with features, everything that you need for building landing pages and specific sales funnel is available. The versatility of the software and ease of use make the software worth choosing over other solutions available online.

As you are able to build a sales funnel that is fully-functional, you can get started in an hour or even less. You won’t have to worry about common barriers like hiring a team of web developers and designers as you can handle everything on your own.

How Much Will It Cost to Get ClickFunnels?

Though this software is a bit costly than other solutions, you’ll figure out that the price is definitely worth it. Since everything that you need is provided, all it takes is for you to work hard at using all the features to increase leads and potentially turn these leads into sales. If you’re still thinking twice, you can always choose to get the free trial first.

For 14 days, you can make use of the tool, all of its features, and experience first-hand how it works. It is the best and risk-free option you have to know whether it works as you’d expect it to be or not. Once you’ve finally made your decision and want to continue using the software, you have two versions to choose from. Each version has specific features included and is sure to help your business online.

Standard Version costs $97/month

This version is worth trying if you want to still try how ClickFunnels can help you further. With this package, you can take advantage of all the features that the software has to offer except the Backpack and Actionetics.

If you are looking forward to setting up your affiliate programs or want to replace the current software you’re using, then you might want to get the Etison Suite. Though the standard version only has 20 funnels, 3 custom domains, 100 pages, and 20,000 visitors allotment, it still offers unlimited contact leads. It offers features that can still help you create the funnels your business needs and get started in establishing a successful and solid online presence. This can already help you in creating money-making opportunities since it comes with lots of funnel templates as well as the Share Your Funnel feature.

Etison Suite costs $297/month

If you’re looking for a powerful landing page builder, this package from ClickFunnels is what you need. Yes, it’s more expensive than other competitors, but you’ll surely get what you need for running your business’s funnels. It can probably be the only solution you need as it is integrated with a lot of services that includes the standalone services such as Backpack and Actionetics. It has more powerful features that will give you more opportunities for making money. Your business will effortlessly succeed online. This also lets you get all the services that would probably cost more than the amount you’d spend from doing the job on your own or hiring experts.

Funnel Hacks Webinar costs a one-time payment of $997

In addition to the abovementioned versions or packages, this webinar presentation is another option you shouldn’t miss. Created and used by Brunson to make ClickFunnels grow to its huge user base, this is a sweet deal that you might not want to miss as this consists of a powerful group of features rolled into one. Getting this offer, you will get a discounted version of Etison Suite in a span of 6 months with an amazing discount. It also comes with a master class training of Funnelhacks in 6 weeks. This will also consist of inception secrets, instant hacks for generating traffic, and secrets for the Seinfeld or soap opera email sequence.

Which ClickFunnels Plan Should I Pick?

Basically, there are important things that you must consider. Firstly, you need to think about your budget and next is your determination to achieve your business goals. There are times when business owners looking for landing page builders who pick the one suitable for their budget and overlook the features. Now, this is the worst decision any business owners can do as it will only compromise their goals and waste their money in the end. If you want to get results, it is only necessary that you focus on an offer where you can get more benefits. This means that you have to consider whether the version has all your needed features or not.

With the versions available under ClickFunnels, someone who is budget-conscious can already get the most out of this version. It can be a good start as it has all the main features that’ll help you establish your first sales funnel. As for me, I’ve chosen the Etison Suite version as it is already packed with all the features I need to establish a solid funnel. I loved the fact that I can have various funnel options and all are customizable. Yes, I was also skeptical at first, but I gathered all the courage I have to invest in this endeavor. I’m glad that I took the step to buy the Etison Suite as I got a good start and was happy with the results.

Though you’d like to save as much money as possible, I recommend that you get a complete version of the software. It has all the features a business needs to create the personalized lead page and funnel that is backed with integrated services. These services all work as one to make running your site easier and more manageable.

Does ClickFunnels have a Group or Community for Members?

Sometimes, aside from learning on your own, there’s nothing better than learning from people who used it first-hand. Getting the software, you will also get priority support that makes it easier for you to know what you can do in case you encounter difficulties.

Members also have an active community on FB with more than 100k members, which is the official page for members only. There is also an FB group for affiliates with more than 30k members, which is great for those who are willing to learn more about affiliate marketing through the software. So, you can practically find people you can talk to about the software.

Are There Any Cons or Disadvantages in Using the Tool?

ClickFunnels is not the perfect software you’d expect it to be, it also has flaws. However, these flaws don’t compromise the great features of the software. Getting the wrong package can be a huge disadvantage not only in taking your chance to succeed online but also in wasting your money.

Another issue is the fact that there are a lot of things that you have to learn and the learning curve is very steep. This is true, but the fact that there is a part where you can get a fun rundown on how to use the tool is an advantage. There is also an active community you can go to whenever you get stuck at something. The packages come with a split testing feature. However, many take this as plain and basic but still works. These are just some of the drawbacks you may encounter in using ClickFunnels, but there are available solutions you can use to deal with minor issues.

My Final Verdict

Everything I said may sound biased but all of these make sense on my part as ClickFunnels worked for my business. I find this as the best solution for my business and I would definitely recommend this to other business owners over and over again. Basically, it all depends on the goals you have for your business. Yes, there are other options that you can choose from, but it all goes down to what you really want for your business.

There are solutions that are suitable for those looking forward to setting up simple landing pages. However, you must always remember that you’ll be spending more than expected if the time comes when you want to integrate other services and the software you first bought doesn’t have it. On the other hand, for those who are in the search for a solution that meets every requirement of an online business, ClickFunnels is definitely the best solution available.

Starting can always be a challenging point to anyone, especially those without a background in internet marketing. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that you always have to rely on expensive services from experts if there are solutions that can also do the same faster. If the only issue you have is the money, a great rule of the thumb is investing in a solution that can give you more than its cost.

Yes, ClickFunnels is more costly, but it comes with more features and advantages than you would get from competitors. It saves you from the hassle of finding 3rd party service providers or apps to support your needs. In addition, it helps you put your money on the right solution. You can consider taking this software or tool as a pure investment as it will definitely make you earn back the money you invested. If you work hard and follow all the pieces of advice from people in the community and Russell himself, you can actually reap real results.

Russell, the founder, used it for his business and is now sharing it with people like us who also want to make it big online. Whether you’re planning to start your business, collect leads, or make your first webinar funnel, I’d recommend ClickFunnels as the complete funnel builder and marketing package for you.

So, in short – yes, ClickFunnels is definitely worth throwing your wallet at Russel Brunson. Not only is he today’s leading marketer who is so open about sharing his knowledge and expertise, which you can literally copy and WIN, but he also really has the best software you can find on the market.

You are just one funnel away!