The 10X Secrets MasterClass by Russell Brunson was released today.

At first, I didn’t think it was anything significant… but then, when I realized what it was, I jumped at the opportunity without a second thought. Anyone who wants to learn to sell would do the same! Russell actually managed to sell more than $3 million dollars worth of his product (ClickFunnels software, his “free plus shipping” books Expert Secrets and DotCom Secrets, and so on) in 90 minutes.

Let that sink in. $3 million in sales in 90 minutes – that’s $1 million in profit in 90 minutes!

Most of us can’t even imagine making that much in a YEAR. This man did it in 90 minutes.

But he claims that it’s not HIM who did it – it’s his SYSTEM. That means if any of us follow his SYSTEM of selling, we can sell anything to anyone. Just imagine being able to sell ANYTHING to ANYONE. It’s a liberating concept, and one that would be far-fetched had it not been coming from Russell Brunson. Why? Because literally EVERY product I have bought from him has at least given me my investment back. Things like the Split Tests book that I have reviewed here, or the fact that I use ClickFunnels on a daily basis for everything I do in my business (review here). The DotCom Secrets book was such an eye opener, as was the Expert Secrets book… and I can’t wait for the new Traffic Secrets book that’s coming out next year.

It’s not just the MasterClass itself (where he takes over 5 hours to explain exactly what he did, and why, during his presentation that made him $3 mill in 90 min), but it’s the extra bonuses that the team is including that would make any marketing fan salivate. Not even kidding!

Anything I’ve bought by Russell Brunson has made my business boom and has made me a much better thinker and smarter marketer. I honestly find anything he offers at this point to be a no-brainer to buy. And that’s exactly how he structures his offers – they are irresistible. And he teaches his students exactly how to make each offer irresistible. If your buyers can’t say no – then truly, the sky is the limit for your business growth.

Don’t just take my word for it — check it out here