Want to get more traffic to your website but don’t know the secret on how to do it? All the secrets on Internet Marketing can be found on DotComSecretsLab – 108 Proven Split Test Winners.

Offered by ClickFunnels, this book contains all the secrets to boost your company’s internet marketing.

NOT Just Your Average Internet Marketing Book

First of all, this book doesn’t only talk about “how to” on Internet Marketing. Neither is it about getting more traffic to your website but the secrets in this book will help your business get exponentially more traffic than you’ve ever experienced! Further, this book doesn’t talk about increasing your conversion. Although, the secrets here will heighten your conversion more than any split test or headline tweak ever could.

So what is it all about? DotComSecretsLabs-108 Proven Split Test Winners is a shortcut.

Contains Thousands Of Tests That Work Online

Low conversions or traffic are symptoms of a greater problem which is a little harder to see. That sounds bad news, but the good news is the problem is easy to fix. Inside this book, you will find the actual playbook they have created after running hundreds and thousands of tests and perfecting what is effective online. You will finally have the access to all of the funnels, processes and scripts that they’ve used.

What Are The Secrets?

The following are a few of the secrets I have discovered after reading DotComSecretsLab – 108 Proven Split Test Answers.

Increasing Your Conversions

In this book, I learned the secret in increasing my conversions. No, it doesn’t only involve tweaking a headline. This book helped me discover how to beat any split test or tweak I ever hoped to make my online marketing experience better.

“Predictable” off-line method

This secret is a method which direct response marketers have been utilizing for years to promote and sell billions of dollars in products by means of tiny classified ads. DotComSecretsLabs will provide you the step-by-step process which works online and is exactly what the internet was built for.

5 Major Old Media Transitions

DotComSecretsLabs also shares the 5 major old media transitions which helps make earning money online easier, faster and better! Further, it carries the secret 5-pronged approach to selling more content with new media channels at a lesser expense than you have or will ever spend on traditional marketing.

Naked Eye Approach

I was never aware of this approach to solving online marketing puzzle until I read DotComSecretsLabs. I discovered the fundamental difference between a start $10,000 company to a $10,000,000 company. What’s the difference? It lies on how much of the company you actually see.

This ‘naked eye’ approach is also a who-where-bait-result formula technique. It helps turn meager companies into cash pulling empires.

How To Demand More For Your Service Or Product

Are you tired of scraping the bottom of the barrel for your clients and customers? Are you tired of having to convince them the worth of your products and services? Then you will definitely love the one simple question you can ask yourself to begin increasing those prices.

This book taught me the secret on how to charge or demand more for my products and services. How? It is by building my business backwards with one simple question. You will learn this secret exclusively from DotComSecretsLabs.

‘Value Ladder’ vs ‘Sales Funnel’ Connection

There is a difference between these two which you must know to help step up your marketing game. Do you think you already know what an effective sales funnel looks like? Think again! DotComSecretsLabs will show you how to use advanced sales funnel techniques to unquestionably squeeze your dream client and target market out of a pile of traffic.

This book will also tell you how to build and run your sales funnel like a ‘church.’ It will teach you how to build your business into a ‘congregation.’ In other words, you will learn how and where to get customers who already love what you’re selling to travel through your funnel and into your products and services.

How To Create Hyper-Targeted Messages

DotComSecretsLabs teaches you three simple questions which can be answered in no more than two minutes. These questions will give you everything you need to initiate driving traffic to your funnels. Also, it will teach you the secret in targeting your dream customers and creating hyper-targeted messages.

How To ‘Bullet Proof’ Your Online Business

I finally know the simple truth about Online Business! No matter what changes Google and social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter does, I don’t have to worry about traffic. You just need to follow the instructions given by this book my online business is bulletproof!

The 5 Best Traffic Sources

DotComSecretsLabs also shows the exact landing page which helps earn your business a positive ROI no matter which of the 5 best traffic sources you choose. Further, it shows you what to do to ensure that you’re never wasting money on traffic. Let me give you a hint: Never spend money unless you’re 100% sure you’ll get something particular in return.

How To Attract People By Being Less ‘Likeable’

You may think that you need to bend over for people to like your business. No, think again. I learned that it is easier to attract more potential clients into my business by being more authentic and less likeable. I learned one little trick to get people to fall in love with my business.

Get Yours Now!

DotComSecretsLabs – 108 Proven Split Test Answers is definitely the book for you if your business is getting out of hand. If you need help in stepping up your online presence and marketing, then this book is for you. There is so much more to discover and when you get your hands on this, it will change your business’ fate just like I did!